What Christmas movie is your go-to movie for sitting in front of the fireplace sipping on cocoa or some hot wassail to get you in the mood for Christmas?

Wealthy Nickel ranked the most popular Christmas movie from each state and since there are so many to choose from, they used data from Google Trends and Rotten Tomatoes to rank them.

You may not agree that movies such as Die Hard, Edward Scissorhands, or Trading Places should be considered Christmas movies but the searches for those three movies do spike during the last couple of weeks of November and all of December so they were included on the list of popular Christmas movies for a few states.

Trading Places ended up the favorite Christmas movie in the most states such as Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Edward Scissorhands ended up the favorite Christmas movie for only four states: Arizona, California, Florida, and New Mexico.

So what was the favorite Christmas movie in Texas?

The Grinch

It was also popular in Kentucky, Louisiana, and West Virginia.

Here is the full list from all 50 states:

  • Alabama – The Polar Express

  • Alaska – Jack Frost

  • Arizona – Edward Scissorhands

  • Arkansas – The Grinch

  • California – Edward Scissorhands

  • Colorado – Klaus

  • Connecticut – It’s a Wonderful Life

  • Delaware – Trading Places

  • District of Columbia – Love Actually

  • Florida – Edward Scissorhands

  • Georgia – Trading Places

  • Hawaii – Trading Places

  • Idaho – Die Hard

  • Illinois – Home Alone

  • Indiana – A Christmas Story

  • Iowa – Christmas Vacation

  • Kansas – Miracle on 34th Street

  • Kentucky – The Grinch

  • Louisiana – The Grinch

  • Maine – Jingle All the Way

  • Maryland – Love Actually

  • Massachusetts – Love Actually

  • Michigan – Krampus

  • Minnesota – Jingle All the Way

  • Mississippi – The Polar Express

  • Missouri – It’s a Wonderful Life

  • Montana – Die Hard

  • Nebraska – Elf

  • Nevada – Elf

  • New Hampshire – It’s a Wonderful Life

  • New Jersey – Trading Places

  • New Mexico – Edward Scissorhands

  • New York – Trading Places

  • North Carolina – The Polar Express

  • North Dakota – Home Alone

  • Ohio – Home Alone

  • Oklahoma – The Polar Express

  • Oregon – Love Actually

  • Pennsylvania – Trading Places

  • Rhode Island – Jack Frost

  • South Carolina – The Polar Express

  • South Dakota – Christmas Vacation

  • Tennessee – The Santa Clause

  • Texas – The Grinch

  • Utah – Elf

  • Vermont – Miracle on 34th Street

  • Virginia – Love Actually

  • Washington – Klaus

  • West Virginia – The Grinch

  • Wisconsin – It’s a Wonderful Life

  • Wyoming – Krampus

So whatever your favorite is, you can now see what movie the majority of people in each state will be watching this holiday season.

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