Anne Heche's former romantic interest, Thomas Jane, is now alleging that the late actress owed him upwards of $157,000.

According to documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Heche signed a promissory note in 2021 that agreed to pay Jane $157,000 plus interest. As for when the payment was dude, it was due by July 2023.

Additionally, part of the agreement states that Heche had to make principal payments of $10,000 per month from Aug. 2021 and onward.

Jane claims that Heche only made two payments of $10,000 and owed $137,000 along with $9,814 in interest and $2,291 in late charges. The documents obtained state that interest is being charged at $18.77 per day.

However, it does not end there. The promissory note states that Heche agreed to pay 30 percent of her acting income toward the principal balance.

Heche's estate has not responded to the new allegations.

On Aug. 5, Heche drove her vehicle "almost all the way through" a house, which "almost immediately" caught fire.

Firefighters at the scene shared that Heche was talking to them as she was transported by medical care to the hospital and a viral video that circuited around the internet showed a person, not confirmed to be Heche, moving on a stretcher as they were being transported to the care of medical professionals.

However, Heche was not able to recover and passed away a week later.

Her son, Homer, announced the news in a statement, where he shared that he is "left with a deep, wordless sadness," but that he is thankful for the support of his family during that time. Heche was 53-years-old.

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