A couple of West Texas area volunteer fire departments received grants for equipment.

According to NewsWest 9, the Texas A&M Forest Service has granted over $36,000 to two West Texas area volunteer fire departments.

Iraan Fire and Rescue was awarded $20,000 and the Fort Davis Volunteer Fire Department was awarded $16,250.

Both fire departments were awarded the grant to help purchase fire and rescue equipment.

The Texas Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program is a cost-share program that is funded by the Texas State Legislature to help out those types of fire departments to get needed equipment like firefighting vehicles, protective clothing, training for the firefighters, and so much more.

Texas A&M Forest Service stated that any non-profit volunteer fire departments run by it's own members are eligible for the funds.

That means any part-paid, part-volunteer fire department with 20 or fewer paid members are included in eligibility.

That included Iraan and Ft. Davis who both meet those requirements.

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