There are so many places places to call home in the state of Texas. With so much land to cover, and so many folks living in one area, there are bound to be weird secrets to find. One of those secrets< you ask? Well the names of the towns themselves, of course.

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But What Are Just Some Of The Weird And Wonderful Named Cities In Texas?

Thanks to the Corpus Christi Caller Times, we've discovered some of the more oddly named towns in Texas. Some you may know the backstory to, while others you might not know at all. Let's look at some quirky Texas history!

Strange And True, Have You Heard These Name Origins Of Certain Texas Towns?

With so many towns in the Lone Star State, there's a few that might leave you scratching your head for their names.

Some of us still can't believe there's an Italy, Texas. What's your favorite named town in Texas, and did we miss any? Let us know by sending us a message by using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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