Sometimes we feel alone and misunderstood, or just need an outlet to vent without judgment. One woman has created a website to fulfill that purpose. is a safe haven for women to share the stories they fear telling friends or loved ones. It's a website where anyone can share their story anonymously, and receive encouragement from others.

After a few short minutes scrolling through the site, I found stories of love, loss, fear and grief. The site has a become a respite for women, and it could for you as well. A communal feeling swept over me as I continued to read story after story from women who are dealing with everyday problems, and just need a place to share it.

If you're feeling lonely, and need a way to share something difficult, or want to share an encouraging word in the spirit of giving this season. Check out I've Been That Girl, and leave a note or a few words to brighten someone's day.

Creator and moderator Nora Schreiber describes the site:

"They can talk openly about rape, molestation, their periods, and other horrors of being a woman or girl. It is meant to be a place where people can emotional dump, to finally get "it" out. Tell their dark secrets that weigh down their lives.It is also a place that we can all encourage each other."