The following video contains SPOILERS for HBO’s Watchmen.

The second episode of the Watchmen TV series, introduced us to Will, the elderly character played by Louis Gossett Jr., who claims to have killed the chief of the Tulsa Police Department. But Will is very old — 105, he says — and confined to a wheelchair. How did he do it? Did he really do it? And what’s he been doing since the scenes we see of him as a boy, escaping from the Tulsa race riots in the 1921.

The new video by ScreenCrush’s Ryan Arey puts forward a very interesting theory about Will and his past that will change the way you look at Watchmen moving forward. Could Will have a connection to the rest of the superheroes of the past? Could he be one of those superheroes? This video lays out a compelling case that he might...

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