We have been told that Watchmen is done. We got one excellent season on HBO from creator Damon Lindelof, and that is it. Lindelof has said he has no interest in the continuing adventures of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel cast, and it seems like HBO is content not to make more of the show without him. So that was it; HBO’s Watchmen. Nine episodes. Over.

But wait — the Watchmen are back, if only to encourage people to wash their hands to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Yes, these are now... the Washmen.

Watch their public service announcement about good hand hygiene here:

You have to love the writing here, and the way that it references all the various characters. This isn’t just a bunch of actors telling you to wash your hands (or, God help us, singing “Imagine”) this is the Watchmen doing it. You even get Tim Blake Nelson as Looking Glass reminding you “we’re all in this together” in that thick Southern drawl of his. The only really big absence is Jeremy Irons’ Ozymandias. Maybe he’s stuck in an English manor in outer space or something.

This gets high marks all around. And it certainly doesn’t make us want the impossible Watchmen Season 2 any less. What about a Washmen spinoff instead?

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