The following post contains SPOILERS for Episode 1 of Watchmen.

HBO’s Watchmen is definitely not the same old story from the classic Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons comic book. It’s much more of a sequel to the graphic novel, following the events of a mostly new cast of characters some 30 years after Ozymandias “saved” the world by dropping a giant alien squid on New York City. (Look, we said there were going to be spoilers, okay?) But that doesn’t mean the new series from creator Damon Lindelof, isn’t filled with references to the original Watchmen.

This new video by ScreenCrush’s Ryan Arey breaks down all the Watchmen Easter eggs and comic-book references in this week’s premiere episode. From the references to the origin of Superman, to an appearance by the Owlship, to the use of the classic standard “Unforgettable,” this video shows you what you might have missed:

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