Vin Diesel is a pro when it comes to doing awesome things in places where they should not be done. He drove a muscle car out of a skyscraper in the most recent installment of the Fastly Furious franchise. In 2005 family comedy The Pacifier, Diesel brought white-knuckle secret agent action to a sleepy suburban neighborhood. And in a newly revealed clip from the upcoming xXx sequel Return of Xander Cage, he straps on a pair of skis and speeds through the jungle like it’s an Alpine black diamond trail. This is the poetry and pain of Vin Diesel, always pulling the raddest of stunts in the unlikeliest of spots — unstuck in time and place, an innovator unappreciated in his era, the Van Gogh of shredding the gnar.

Anyway, yeah, there’s a neat new video clip from the upcoming xXx movie. In it, Diesel’s extreme sport aficionado/secret agent Xander Cage finds himself in a tight spot. Trapped atop a metal tower with nothing but skis and ski-poles at his disposal (sure, why not, whatever), Cage resorts to what the video refers to as “jungle jibbing,” which is apparently just downhill skiing through a densely wooded area. One might wonder how the tips of his skis don’t get caught on various roots sticking out of the undergrowth, or why he feels the need to pull a sick 720º for no apparent reason, or how he avoids smacking into a tree and dying a tragic Sonny Bono-esque death, but such is the magic of cinema.

Directed by D.J. CarusoxXx: Return of Xander Cage will jungle-jib into cinemas on January 20.

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