Just because we let the mystery be doesn’t mean we have to let the mystery go. The Leftovers will live on with three of the most consistently great seasons in all TV, and now even those who missed out can get the big answers with a free streaming version of June’s series finale.

The full Season 3 “Book of Nora” finale will only be available free for the next week, though it’s admittedly intriguing HBO would offer viewers such a heavy episode to start. More often networks like Showtime or HBO will put season or series premieres free on YouTube, not finales, but it certainly couldn’t hurt to get some of Carrie Coon and Justin Theroux’s best work on viewers’ minds for awards season.

If new viewers weren’t confused enough to start with the finale, here’s a delightfully vague synopsis:

Nothing is answered. Everything is answered. And then it ends.

Of course, that’s no less cryptic than “Carrie Coon tries to vaporize herself in a bubble, reconnects with Justin Theroux ten years later in Australia, and may or may not have traveled naked to a parallel universe. Also, a goat.”

You can watch the full finale above, and the full series with an HBO subscription. It’s worth the investment!

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