Here are the top 10 signs, in no particular order, that prove you are from Midland/Odessa.

10 Signs That Prove You Are From Midland/Odessa

All you have to do is drive around and you will see or experience all of these things.

You will see the last name on the vehicle, or in memory of, or the family stick figure and you could possibly see all of those things on the same vehicle.

Most of these things are more visible in Odessa than they are in Midland but Midland still has its fair share of these items.

I must be boring because I have none of these things on my vehicle, or around my vehicle and I am no fun because I don't have a pickup.

Another thing you will know that a person is from Midland/Odessa is they will either say "pickup" or "truck" and not pickup truck, that may just be my pet peeve because to me they are the same thing. But I have been told that some people do say pickup truck around here because a truck is an 18-wheeler and that to me is an 18-wheeler and not just a truck.

Trucks jacked to Jesus just seem so impractical, if you need a ladder to get into your truck, that is not very convenient. Maybe I just enjoy being able to get into my vehicle from the ground and not having to go buy a ladder to get myself into my vehicle, but you do you.

See if you can spot these things around the Midland/Odessa area.



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