Queen of everything Carly Rae Jepsen is now the queen of unexpected collaborations. In a response to Stereogum's tweet of an article about Jepsen's queenliness that mentioned she would like to collaborate with R&B band Vulfpeck, the band wasted no words in expressing their excitement.

The original interview where Jepsen name-dropped the band, featured on Elite Daily, saw the singer gushing about her love for Vulfpeck's track "Back Pocket." She went on to say that "it would be amazing to get in the room with them at some point if that was a possibility. I think they're fantastic." She also mentions a few other note-worthy but perhaps unexpected groups, saying that she has lately been listening to Big Thief and Ariel Pink.

Jepsen has only released one single since her 2016 EP EMOTION SIDE B, but perhaps there are some collaborations looming in the future. The queen has rarely been known to disappoint.

The Pop Princesses of 2003:

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