Talk about a crappy situation...

An Amazon delivery driver was out doing his job when he fell into what he believed to be a customer's septic tank. The ground below him gave way, and he fell right into a big smelly hole. He tried his best to pull himself out, but he was stuck and had to contact the authorities for a little bit of help.

He posted a video of himself stranded down in the septic tank on TikTok and it has now been viewed over 9 million times. Honestly, he is in pretty good spirits, given his situation. Check out the video below:

Yeah, that's no good. I don't know if I would have been able to stay calm and not completely gross out. His follow-up video shows that he is actually standing in wastewater while he waits for the fire department to show up.

"Hopefully they don't make me finish my route..." Ha! I would hope not. Can you imagine just how bad he would have smelled? I wouldn't have completed my day at work for any amount of money after landing in that disgusting hole. My goodness. I've had some pretty bad days at work, but I've never fallen into a septic tank. That definitely takes the cake right there.

Some commenters suggest that he contact a lawyer. Others tell him to get checked over at the hospital in the event he might have an open wound. Poor guy. Here's to hoping he will be just fine. At least he got a funny story out of it.

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