If you are already planning your Valentine's Day activities, and you should be, do not fall for the latest scam circulating across the internet.

According to OnlineThreatAlerts.com, a scam has been circulating the internet for a couple of months saying that you can get dinner for two for free from Outback Steakhouse, but it is not true, Outback Steakhouse is NOT putting on such a promotion.

The Facebook page they send you to is a dummy Facebook page called "Outback Steakhouse USA." When you click on the link, that will take you to a phishing page that will ask for your personal information to enter the contest.

First things first, make sure you see a blue checkmark on the Facebook page which lets you know it is legitimate. The fake page does not have the blue checkmark and even has the name "Outback Steakhouse Fans."

The actual Outback Steakhouse page actually is titled "Outback Steakhouse - National" and it has the blue checkmark for legitimacy.

The main tell-tale sign that the page is not legitimate is that it contains obvious misspellings and grammar mistakes plus it uses dollar signs and cent signs for the letters "s" and "c."

The other obvious thing that should make you think is that the activity on the page has only one post in all of 2021 and only eight posts in 2022. Outback Steakhouse would have several thousand posts over a year, not just eight.

Make sure you and your friends and family are aware of this scam going around and tell them to delete the message or e-mail immediately to prevent any stealing of your identity.




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