If you are tired of going to the store and not finding what you need, United Supermarkets has you covered this holiday season.

According to CBS 7, when the pandemic first began store shelves were bare in certain areas like paper goods, soups, and cleaning supplies.

But United Supermarkets are going to try to keep that from happening again with a second wave of hoard shopping going on with COVID-19 cases spiking in the area.

United and Market Street are saying that this holiday season they are going to keep up with the demand this holiday season.

“When you look at our stores United Supermarkets and Market Street, I think that you will see very full shelves. The selection may be slightly less, so there may not be 12 varieties of toilet paper, for example, but you will find 3 varieties and the shelves will be stocked. So, we are not seeing some of the concerns that you’re seeing in national reports in other parts of the country,” explained Nancy Sharp, Communications Manager for United Family.

United and Market Street will be fully stocked but they urge people to not panic and only take what you need so shelves will continue to be fully stocked all through the holiday season.

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