When I was a kid, I was not a big fan of sitting on Santa's lap, I was that kid that was crying my eyes out the minute I was put in the lap of Santa.

But I do remember as I got older and started to get more comfortable with sitting on Santa's lap and his annual visit to Sears in Midland then became a treat.

This was back when Sears was located on Cuthbert Ave. where the Midland College Advanced Technology building is now, long before Sears moved into the Midland Park Mall.

By the time Sears moved into the mall, I was already a teenager and had already gotten more interested in music.

But the annual visit of Santa was definitely something I looked forward to once I got over my fear of the jolly man in the red suit.

Santa was always placed in the toy section of Sears which was not as big as the toy department at Gibson's which I spent the biggest part of my childhood and got to know every shelf of.

But the toy department was still a great place at Sears even though it was not as spacious and didn't have the variety of toys that Gibson's had, you knew Santa was visiting soon when you saw the "throne" set up close to the toy department around the beginning of December.

Christmas is the time when memories come flooding back of great times in our childhood, so here is my greeting to you and your family that you have a wonderful Christmas this year and spend time with family in the safest physically distanced way possible.


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