Parking is going to get easier when you go to the airport tis summer.

According to NewsWest 9, the one good thing about the COVID-19 pandemic is since no one was traveling, the construction of the two new parking lots went quicker than they would have if people were traveling like normal.

"We were able to speed up some areas of the project because we had so few cars in the parking lots," said Justine Ruff, Director of Airports.

The pandemic did delay some of the materials such as the arrival of new ticketing machines.

"With the rapid expansion in our passenger traffic, we didn't have enough parking spaces, so the free parking was nice, but it is a dirt lot and not everyone wants to park there, so now we have paved lots that everyone should be able to use," said Ruff.

Prices for parking will be $7 for uncovered parking and $15 for covered parking.

"We ended up with two new lots and one is open right now for employees only because the old employee lot is being redone, so we had to move them somewhere and then the other new lot opened last Friday," said Ruff.

Both lots though will be a combination of employee and public parking with 1,000 new spaces added to the airport.

The lots opened last Friday now that traveling is getting back to a normal rate than it was this time last year, and the ticket machines take credit cards only but there is a pay station inside the airport next to the elevator for those that want to pay cash.

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