With the mass vaccination clinics gone now, Midland Health is turning to pop-up clinics to get vaccinations into the arms of the Permian Basin.

According to NewsWest 9, they have already done several pop-up clinics in places like Midland High School, the Martin Luther King Community Center, and the Midland migrant facility, now they have the Midland Farmer's Market.

They have lowered the number of people needed to administer the shots from 20 at the Horseshoe Arena to now just six people, that's two to do paperwork, two to give the shots, and two to mix up the vaccine.

"The team has been very supportive. I still have my volunteers coming out, I still have help from the fire department, the city of Midland and the health department and nurses want to get out and volunteer and move these efforts forward," said Val Sparks, Midland Memorial Hospital Infection Preventionist.

To give an idea of the drop, they went from doing 1800 vaccines a day to now doing around 40.

"Right now we're looking at maybe 40-50 at a location. We would like to have that to call it a success, but we'll take whatever now. Most individuals that are still wanting vaccine can get it at other pharmacies. I saw it at Walmart, I saw it at United, CVS has vaccine too," said Sparks.

The vaccine supply is plentiful so they can vaccinate more if they need to.

"We're just trying to take the vaccine to them. Wherever there's a large group of people, we're just trying to provide it, just the opportunity. Some people just didn't take the time to make the appointment or drive to the horseshoe, so we're just trying to take it to them and make it easy," said Sparks.

She says that once the FDA gives full approval of the vaccine instead of the emergency use authorization it is under now, she sees more people wanting to get the vaccine.

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