One good TV show deserves another, right? Well, this seems to be the logic when it comes down to which series get greenlit each year. As is the case with movies, it’s no surprise that viewers are naturally drawn to characters and fictional worlds that they’ve been acquainted with before. While there are quite a few original shows, and TV shows derived from movies, and TV shows based on books, there are also a surprising number of TV spinoffs — series whose characters come straight from a show already on the air.

The thing is, not all of these spinoff series are good. Some are, in fact, quite bizarre. But every now and then, there comes along a spinoff that’s just as good as the original series. Dare we say, in some ways, it’s actually better. That’s not to say anything about the quality of its predecessor. After all, a spinoff has a better chance of being great if its source material is well-written, directed, and acted. However, it’s no easy feat for a spinoff series to stand on its own, but it does happen.

Oftentimes, the show acts as a sequel to the events depicted in the original series. But instead of simply serving as a continuation of said series, a spinoff typically follows a new — or previously introduced — set of characters that exist within the same universe. Spinoff shows may attempt to recreate the tone of their original show, or they may branch out into new genre territory. Here are 10 TV spinoff series that are just as good — and even better — than the shows they’re based on.

TV Spinoffs That Are Better Than Their Original Shows

These 10 TV spinoffs from successful shows actually found a way to be better than the series that were based on.
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