Why am I like this? Does anyone literally wait until this time of year to try all the recipes? lol It's like I wait until Christmas to try all kinds of new recipes and no I'm not necessarily talking about food. I'm talking about satisfying my sweet tooth!

If I see a recipe on the internet or a friend recommends it and it's easy to make, you better believe I'm making it for the fam. My family loves me this time of year! So I came across a new one on TikTok and truly cannot believe is it so simple to make. Must.try.this.weekend.


Are you kidding me? I could have been making peanut clusters my whole entire life if I would have known it was so simple to make.

If you want to be the hit at the office or with your family and friends, give this simple sweet Christmas candy recipe a try, it looks yummy! Have any easy recipes of your own you would like to share?

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