A truck crashed into the building took out the back wall of the store at Stripes Gas Station, located at 1788 and 191, destroying the outer wall, as well as the inside walls of the Women's Restrooms. Service was halted for a while-we were told the store was closed when we approached the building by some employees standing outside this morning... But heading over this afternoon service was back on a limited basis as customers were trickling in and being rung up at the registers inside.  The bad part is-the truck wasn't disabled with the crash, and the driver decided to back out and take off and run. No word on the extent of the damage to the truck, and no idea as to who the crash-and-run driver is, or if they sustained any injuries in the accident.


The Restrooms are closed at the moment while damages are assessed and repairs take place. The rear side of the building is the Truck Stop side, which is where the accident took place. That side faces the frontage road off 191. The front side of the building faces 191 and is the automobile side of the gas station. The interior store portion of the building where all of the coolers of food, drinks, and candy/snacks are-wasn't affected. No word from the employees on hand when we stopped over as to when things would be back to 100% operational.

If you have any information about this hit and run-contact Investigator Lann at the Midland Police Department Non-Emergency line-432-685-7108 or Midland Crime Stoppers at 432-694-TIPS.

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