Dating is hard for everyone — even America's Sweetheart.

Jennifer Garner went to Harvard University over the weekend where she was honored by the school's Hasty Pudding Theatricals troupe, who presented her with the 2022 Hasty Pudding Award.

The 49-year-old Peppermint star spent the day with students and appeared to enjoy herself as she rode through the streets of Cambridge, Mass. in a convertible alongside theater students dressed in drag.

"I guarantee my day was better and more fun than yours. I am a devoted member of the Hasty Pudding Club from now on, and I will be a nerd in the audience next year, I promise," she told the crowd as she took the stage to accept the famed Pudding Pot trophy, People reports.

"This has been the most fun day ever," the actress gushed.

During a Q&A with the students, Garner was asked about the details of her first kiss. The Yes Day star didn't hesitate to spill the embarrassing tea about the first time she and a beau ever locked lips.

"It was a guy named Matt Crittenden. He tried to go further than a kiss, and I swatted it away," she explained of the smooch, which took place when she was 18.

Garner added that the boy "broke up with me the next day because he said I was a prude, which was a badge I've worn proudly ever since!"

Scott Eisen, Getty Images
Scott Eisen, Getty Images

The mother-of-three also opened up about an upcoming major milestone in her life.

"I am turning 50 in over two months," she said. "I'm so excited. Just this morning, I was starting to make some plans and get a little serious. I'm a last-minute planner."

Garner was also asked about the kids she shares with ex-husband Ben Affleck and how they mix with her busy career in Hollywood.

"I can't say my kids really enter my work world very much. They're very much kids who go to school, and it didn't even occur to me to bring my 16-year-old today because she had school and a debate tournament," the actress explained, adding, "Now, I so badly wish she was here! I'm kind of a geek of a mom in that way."

Garner shares daughters Violet, 16, and Seraphina, 13, as well as son Samuel, 9, with the Argo director.

Affleck is currently dating his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez, while Garner has rekindled her relationship with CaliBurger CEO John Miller.

Other notable winners of the Hasty Pudding award include Viola Davis, Cher, Meryl Streep and legendary actress Katharine Hepburn.

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