Did you know Midland and Odessa have been mentioned as answers on 'Jeopardy!'?Here are 5 times we were mentioned on the famous game show.

Mentions are in chronological order courtesy of J! Archive.

  1. 2003-05-05 - Category: "First Ladies" -  Amount: $200 - Answer: "She met the future president at a backyard barbecue in Midland, Texas in 1977" - Question: "Who is Laura Bush?"

  2. 2005-04-14 - Category: "Bush" - Amount: $400 - Answer: "Born in Midland, Texas & Earned a master's degree at the University of Texas." - Question: "Who is Jeb Bush?"

  3. 2007-07-24 - Category: "Presidential Libraries" - Amount: $600 - Answer: "In 1948, George H.W. Bush and this young wife of his packed their belongings into a Studebaker and drove west to Odessa, Texas." - Question: "Who is Barbara Bush?"

  4. 2011-06-29 - Category: "From Sports Book to Film" - Amount: $600 - Answer: "Odessa, Texas was the home field for this H.G. Bissenger book-turned-film." - Question: "What is 'Friday Night Lights?'"

  5. 2012-12-19 - Category: "Governors" - Amount: $800 - Answer: "This recent Florida Governor was born in Midland, Texas." - Question: "Who is Jeb Bush?"

There have also been two contestants from Midland/Odessa who have been players on "Jeopardy!:"

  • Allen Howland, a newspaper editor from Midland - Season 9 - 1993-02-11.

  • Julie Roth, a community college English professor from Odessa - Season 34 - 2017-09-20.

As you can tell from the dates, none of those two contestants were on at the time the Midland/Odessa mentions were featured.

So those are the people from here featured on "Jeopardy!" during the Alex Trebek years, and the mentions of Midland/Odessa. Now it is your turn to become the next contestant from Midland/Odessa to be featured on "Jeopardy!"


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