There are some days when my mind runs rampant and little bits of sense pour out; such was the case with me today.

This little blog may become a series of random thoughts that might make sense for someone. It's been a few months since life has calmed down for me and my family to actually just sit and think...and it wasn't pretty!

Only parents or daycare workers get this but: Random Thought #1: 'In the 'Daycare of Life', sometimes you run into 'biters'. 

Biters are every parent's nightmare. Your child comes home and some teething little monster has sunk their choppers into your kid's arm and left bruises. You can't reason with a biter, you can only give them some of their own medicine and teach them through example. Such is it with our grown-up lives. Some people need to be bitten back to shock them into the realization that their behavior is unacceptable.

Random Thought #2: 'Don't spend your life being a hammer looking for a nail.'

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but if you need an example, just look at Facebook.

Random Thought #3: 'There is more satisfaction getting a big blackhead, than a little one.'

I would like you to think there is some deep meaning to this; nope, it's just true.

Any pearls of wisdom you'd like to share with the class?