This TikToker discovered a nightmarish situation when literal maggots started falling from her ceiling.

The TikToker, who goes by lon333lygirl on the platform, posted a video showing the creepy bugs falling to her floor.

"It's coming from the dead body that is decomposing above me," she says in the video.

Naturally, the 18-second video sparked astonishment in the comments.

"UMMM…why is he just marinating up there.." one user wrote.

Another person commented, "I would have to leave immediately."

In a follow-up video, the TikToker explained the story of how she discovered the bugs and the dead body.

"So, once I found the maggots, I alerted my neighbor and I asked if they have seen any bugs in their apartment," she began.

She said the neighbor said they hadn't seen bugs in their apartment, but that maggots are a sign of a dead body and that they hadn't heard from their other neighbor in a few days.

She continued, "My neighbor then went upstairs and rang his doorbell, smelled...a stench...and the doorbell obviously wasn't answered so he called the police."

She confirmed that the police and coroner were there during the time the maggots were falling from her ceiling.

The landlord of the apartment complex was notified about the situation and according to the video, "did nothing."

Apparently, the landlord even went so far as to show an apartment to a prospective tenant the day after the dead body was found and the TikToker and her mother had to beg for an exterminator to be called in.

"My father came and was like 'I am going to sue,'" she said. The landlord responded by moving her to the building's newest apartment.

She confirmed, "This apartment is thankfully maggot-free and very far away from the deceased man apartment."

Luckily, her rent will be waived for three months and she will be reimbursed by the landlord for the personal items she had to get rid of and the time she had to take off from work.

Some viewers still encouraged her to contact the health department or a cleaning service.

"Call the health department about the bugs and stuff. It all has to be cleaned properly," one person said.

Another viewer wrote, in response to other comments' confusion surrounding the TikToker's reimbursements, "Why are people complaining about you getting an apartment and few months rent… that’s the LEAST they could do. That’s wild."

The creator of the video also confirmed in the comments that "maggots were falling from my ceiling for 6 days. It wasn’t just two. It was hundreds of them."

Watch the full story, below:


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