The waitstaff at Texas Roadhouse aren't just dodging the carelessly discarded peanut shells left on the restaurant floor.

The restaurant is allegedly incentivizing its customers to "snitch" on servers who are not offering topping options for specific menu items.

In a viral post on Reddit's Antiwork forum, a user shared a photo of an envelope seemingly left behind by the restaurant's management team.

Written on carefully branded cardstock, the message reads:

"If your server didn't suggest toppings for your steak and potatoes, please inform a manager to receive a free appetizer for your next visit."

The idea of "ratting out" servers didn't sit well with Reddit.

Users slammed the chain's alleged policy in the comments.

"Narc out your server to the man in order to get free stuff. Because it's not bad enough that we pay them $2.13/hr.," one person wrote.

"I used to work at a Texas Roadhouse, and in the city it was in, this would just incentivize the customers to lie for a free appetizer," someone claiming to be a former Texas Roadhouse employee commented.

"The intro class of 'how to be a Karen' will be offered at Texas roadhouse today," another joked.

"Personally, I appreciate when people don't try to upsell me s--t I don't want. Like if I wanted it, I would have asked for it. F--k the corporate greed. Eat a d--k Texas Roadhouse," someone else wrote.

Meanwhile, someone claiming to work as a server claimed they plan to use the policy to their advantage. "Deliberately neglecting to inform my friends about toppings to get them a free appetizer," they commented.

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