A TikTok star and her mother have been charged with double murder after they allegedly ran two men off the road with their car in the U.K.

On Friday (Feb. 11), Mahek Bukhari, her mother Ansreen Bukhari and Mahek's friend Natasha Akhtar were driving on the A46 highway in Leicestershire, located about three hours north of London, when the fatal crash took place around 1:30 AM local time. Two men, Raees Jamal and Rekan Karwan, were also charged with double murder.

The two victims were Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin and Saqib Hussain. Ijazuddin was reportedly driving his cousin to see a friend.

The Mirror reports the plaintiffs' attorney told the Leicester Magistrates Court that the two men were “run off the road” while being chased by the defendants.

Prosecutor Mohammed Zarandouz said that during the alleged high-speed chase one of the victims called the local emergency line 999 to alert police that another vehicle was harassing them.

“Unfortunately a loud scream could be heard from the caller and the call disconnected,” Zarandouz said, according to The Mirror.

He explained that after the victims' car, a Škoda Fabia, was run off the road, it smashed into a central reservation barrier where “on the point of impact the vehicle was ripped into two pieces.”

On Tuesday (Feb. 15), the Bukharis appeared in court for a 10-minute hearing where they confirmed their identities and said they understood the next steps in the case. No pleas were made during the hearing.

A judge remanded them into custody. They are set to appear at Leicester Crown Court Wednesday (Feb. 16).

A pre-trial preparation hearing is scheduled for March 28.

Who Is Mahek Bukhari?

Mahek Bukhari is a 22-year-old TikTok star with over 128,000 followers. Her videos have been liked 3.2 million times.

Her account, under the handle @maybvlogs, features daily vlogs, TikTok trends, makeup tutorials and dating advice.

Her most recent TikTok video was posted on Feb. 7.

Mahek Bukhari also has an Instagram page with over 44,000 followers, as well as a small business customizing sneakers.

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