Have you ever imagined what your favorite pop stars would look like as Pokémon?

TikTok user @Leorgasmic, real name Léo Dupuy, is going viral for his 3D Pokémon avatars inspired by popular artists.

His first creation was a Pokémon based on Lady Gaga—whose Pocket Monster alter ego's name is Romama, inspired by a lyric from "Bad Romance."

The avatar's red and white design is based around one of the signature costumes featured in Gaga's "Bad Romance" music video. (The dark Pokémon even does the iconic dance move from the video!)

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande's Pokémon was inspired by her "Dangerous Woman" music video. Grande's character falls under the "fairy" and "dark" categories.

"Meet Fairyana, the high note Pokemon," Dupuy wrote. "Old books say that whoever hears his song will be instantly turned into a BAD B---H."

Funnily enough, Grande is a fan of Pokémon in real life: In 2019, she got a black and white tattoo of the character Eevee on her inner elbow.

Billie Eilish's also got the Pokémon treatment. Her character features the spooky black tears from her "When The Party's Over" music video, as well as both her former blue and green hair looks. She is classified as "ghost" and "water."

"Meet Lamenteilish, the sadness Pokémon. This Pokémon is so consumed with sadness that it can’t move. Over time, it learned to use its tears to fight and overcome the obstacles," Dupuy explained.

Dupuy's latest creation is a feline-themed Pokémon based off Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" music video, complete with ancient Egyptian theming. See the psychic Pokémon called Kittyleery, below:

Dupuy even shared a video of his animation process, which reveals just a peek into the hours of work that goes into his creations.

Watch his intricate workflow, below.

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