TikTok has become quite the resource when it comes to finding great makeup ideas for Halloween.

So, have any idea what you're gonna be yet?

Honestly, I have no idea whatsoever. Part of me was planning to let the day pass by, but after watching some of these videos I'm practically inspired to see what I can create.

It's funny, I've noticed more of my friends seem revved for this year's spooky festivities. Whatever the reason, I'm definitely noticing I'm looking forward to celebrating. Some of my friends are going ALL OUT on their costumes this year.

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Now, of course, it's nice to get the costume in place for your signature scary/sexy/somewhere-in-between look this year.

But ya know what REALLY makes a costume top-notch? The MAKEUP!

I was a theatre major in college, so I had a bit of training when it came to stage makeup. But nothing like what you're about to see here. Seriously impressive.

We enjoy checking out TikTok videos for all kinds of things. But I had no idea there were so many makeup application MASTERS there. It's fascinating watching these folks transform themselves from their everyday selves to some of our favorite characters.

In this case? Check out these entertaining videos that incorporate character audio featuring the likes of Coraline, Pennywise, and the one and only Harley Quinn. Pure Halloween (or anytime) magic.

Let's take a look:

This first video comes from Emily Temby, known on TikTok as emilytembymakeup. Watch as this lovely woman transforms herself into Coraline while sharing a dramatic scene here:

@emilytembymakeup#duet with @emilytembymakeup The Coraline Duet Thank you for all the love on my Other Mother post! ib @elladoesfx✨ #fyp#coraline#halloween♬ Coraline sound mix 2 - Grey rose
Inspired by Coraline? I adore how she walks through the steps. And as the makeup application continues, you really start see her become Coraline. 
Or perhaps you're a fan of the edgy, dark, but oh-so-lovely Harley Quinn. Well, you'll definitely wanna check out this epic transformation by LilyRoland1:
@lilyrowland1 Who’s next #harleyquinn#fyp#BeBold#halloween♬ thank you all for use my sound Harley - Canadian Native Cosplayer
I'll admit I've always thought HQ was pretty dang cool. But once you explore a little bit, you'll find there's practically anything you could want, makeup-wise.
 For example, makeup mastermind, EmmaNortss, blows our minds as she transforms into a spider lady. And as Emma says, "the itsy bitsy spider looks different here." Yes, yes it does, Emma. 
@emmanortss the itsy bitsy spider looks different here ♬ original sound - Laura Lee
If you decide to experiment with Halloween makeup, we'd LOVE to see your photos! Send them our way! Have fun. :)

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