Ghost hunters should love some of these places to possibly capture a little paranormal action. Most of these places take some serious drive time to cross the state to get to, like Presidio La Bahia in Goliad, the Littlefield House in Austin, or the White Sanitarium in Wichita Falls. However, for us, The Grove in Jefferson, Texas is only about an hour's drive from Texarkana, is included in this list of the Creepiest Most Haunted Places in Texas.

Today's phone, photographic and audio recording technology has brought almost everyone closer to being the mighty "ghost hunter" you've always wanted to be, just like the one's on TV. We'll start with this list, but tell us below if you know of more.

Baker Hotel – Mineral Wells, Texas:

The Baker Hotel was a very famous hotel in its day and frequented by very famous people of the time. The hotel closed in 1970 and reportedly has at least two very active spirits. The only problem is you can't get in it right now, the hotel is being completely renovated. It remains to be seen what effect that might be having on its ghostly residents. In the video below you get a tour of the outside and what is happening to the building this year. We may have to wait a while before things stir here again.


Presidio La Bahia – Goliad, Texas:

This is a location of famous Texas independence battles and many say they can still hear the screams and battle cries of those who never left. Some reports of apparitions as well.


La Carafe – Houston, Texas:

This location is reportedly the oldest bar in Houston, it has reported sightings of a large dark man (shadow figure) on the second floor and something being dragged across the floor regularly.


Old Spaghetti Warehouse – Houston, Texas:

Sadly this one is no more. It was flooded so badly during Hurricane Harvey in 2017 it could not recover. If you like the food, a new Spaghetti Warehouse has opened in the Spring Branch area of Houston, but non of the hauntings went with it. The good news is the old downtown location is being refurbished now into a place called McIntyres. So maybe...

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Littlefield House - Austin, Texas:

A historic house on the campus of the University of Texas. It's said to be haunted by the original lady of the house by the name of Alice Littlefield.


White Sanitarium - Wichita Falls, Texas:

Dr. Frank  S. White's Sanitarium opened its doors in 1926 and as with many abandoned asylums, the stories are numerous and sometimes horrific. The video link below has several EVPs from ghost hunts in the sanatarium.


The Grove - Jefferson, Texas:

Long thought to be one of the most haunted places in Texas with a rich ghostly history dating back into the 19th Century.


Bragg Road Ghost Lights – Saratoga, Texas:

Located just north of Saratoga on FM 787. Look for the sign that says "Ghost Road Drive Scenic Park," it's an 8-mile drive down a dirt road through the Big Thicket of East Texas, think you're ready for that? Look for those lights.


Victoria's Black Swan Inn - San Antonio, Texas:

A historic battle for Texas independence took place on these lovely grounds and some say the fighting has never really stopped.


Stewart Mansion - Galveston, Texas:

This home along with many others in the area predate the Great hurricane of 1900 that took almost 8000 lives on the island.

Remember: Always get permission before entering/investigating any private property, be safe, work in numbers, not alone, and please let us know what you find.

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