If you are not originally from Texas, you have no idea what we deal with on a regular basis! The struggle is real sometimes but on the other hand I've got some great gift ideas for Christmas for that hard to buy for person on your list this year, if they live in the Lone Star State. Off the top of my head, because I personally need them, I thought of 3 things that every Texan should own. 

    1. an ice scraper for your windshield-FYI those of you not from here, we don't get much snow in the winter but ICE oh man yeah. In January and February you will want to get up super early to either turn on your car to defrost your windows or if you are impatient and always running late like me, you better get you one of these.

2. a car wash kit-if you've never heard the saying that in Texas you can go through all 4 seasons in 1 day, it is very true. It is not unusual to wash your vehicle one day thinking the rest of the week was going to be beautiful and sunny but get a surprise downpour the next day. Or better yet WIND. Your once spotless, clean car is now packed full of the blowing dirt and dust, leaving it filthy again. My current sitch. Smh.

3. a windshield repair kit-let me preface this by saying every single car I have ever had (and I've had many) I have gotten some kind of windshield ding in. I'm not being dramatic, I'm not exaggerating. Every single one, including the one I am currently driving. Why is this you ask? Because many of us, especially here in West Texas, commute to work daily.

Or oilfield peeps, like my own family, drive, all day everyday to different locations, some in work vehicles, some in personal but the point is, driving on the highway is rough on your ride. People flying down the road right alongside you, throwing (not literally) rocks on your windshield, in an instant you've got a new chip in your windshield. Happens all of the time!

Many would benefit tremendously from having a kit to quickly repair said chip in an instant before it gets out of hand and spreads!

I mean amirite or amirite? We could all use all of these items, just to have on hand for these types of situations. I would give you a big hug if I got one or all 3 for Christmas! lol

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