Hospitals in the area have been flooded with people coming in to be treated for the flu, none more than Medical Center Hospital in Odessa.

According to, MCH usually sees around 130 people a day but with flu season, that number has risen to over 200 a day.

Officials with MCH say the patients seem sicker this year than in years past and doctors are saying this year's flu season is worse than in the past.

It is even hitting the staff of the hospital too which is putting a different strain on hospitals.

That means longer waiting times, doctors moving departments to cover for sick doctors, and everyone taking extra precautions.

In addition to the crowds in the waiting room, more patients are being put in isolation with the severity of the virus this season.

Doctors are saying the flu this year is lasting longer, like 8-10 days on average, and the flu season could last till as late as May.


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