There’s missing the point by a country mile, and missing it by an entire dystopian republic. A sleepwear company appears to have opted for the latter, paying homage to The Handmaid’s Tale with a wildly ill-conceived line of silk slips.

Per io9, a sleepwear company named Lunya has apparently named one of their upcoming “washable silk sets” after The Handmaid’s Tale character Offred, owing to the distinct shade of deep red worn by all Handmaid characters (as part of religious-based sexual slavery). Were you to think the name some kind of oversight, a representative reportedly stated “We’re big fans of the show here at Lunya and named the color after Elisabeth Moss’s journey as ‘Offred.’ We’re with the resistance!” Here, observe “resistance” in action:

And yes, while “Offred” may seem like a cute offshoot of “red,” the name is literally “Of Fred,” or “Property of Commander Fred Waterford,” the character played by Joseph Fiennes. As anyone who watched the series would understand the gravity of, Elisabeth Moss’ character repeatedly reminds us “My name is June.” Guess that’s a less catchy name for sleepwear.

In the meantime, The Handmaid’s Tale itself will premiere the first episodes of Season 2 on Wednesday, April 25. Sleep comfortably while you can.

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