A lot of people do not realize that for three years the city of Dallas had two professional football teams but the city could not support two pro teams so the Texans moved out of Dallas in 1963.

According to Wikipedia, in 1960 two franchises set their sights on Dallas for their new teams, in the NFL it was the Dallas Cowboys, and in the newly formed AFL it was the Dallas Texans.

The franchises were in two competing football leagues that would eventually merge into one in 1970.

They both played their games in the Cotton Bowl and after 3 seasons and an AFL Championship for the Texans, it was apparent that the city could not support two teams, so owner Lamar Hunt looked at other places to move his team.

Hunt looked at Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Seattle as possible locations (none of which had a pro football team in 1963) but eventually settled on Kansas City, Missouri.

The team also considered keeping the Texans name in the move, just like the Minneapolis Lakers had done a few years earlier in the NBA when they moved to Los Angeles, but quickly decided to change the name but keep their red, white, and yellow colors.

The franchise created a "name the team" contest and the most popular name "Chiefs" won and was later adopted.

The Chiefs went on to appear in the first Super Bowl, which was then called the Inaugural AFL-NFL Championship Game, only to get beat by the Green Bay Packers and then three years later won Super Bowl IV against the Minnesota Vikings.

That is your Monday History Lesson on the forgotten "other" pro football team in Dallas that was not the Cowboys.

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