The City of Midland Police Department released it's 2013 analysis for crashes and you might be surprised to see the number one reason.

We all know we have our share of bad drivers and as it turns out, it's tempers and being in a hurry that are causing most of the accidents, followed closely by 'driver inattention', or as it's more commonly known: Texting while driving.

The Midland Police Department’s crash analysis results from the third quarter of 2013 show that driver behavior was the most prominent factor in accidents happening across Midland in the months of July through September.

The top three contribution factors to crashes during these months were:

• Following too closely – 174 crashes
• Driver inattention – 156 crashes
• Failure to control speed – 104 crashes

I'll feature some tail-gaters in my 'Braking Bad' video, but for now here are the first two: