With her seemingly opulent wealth, employment of a nanny and inability to cut up a cucumber on her own, Corinne Olympios of The Bachelor fame quickly became Season 21's archetypal villain. But according to one of Olympios's ex-boyfriends, the contestant's persona is dramatized and exaggerated for the sake of good TV. Quelle surprise.

Keith Berman -- who claims he merely “hooked up” with Olympios “a couple times” but has “stayed in touch” with her -- spoke at length with US Weekly about his former flame, noting her persona is mostly put-on for the cameras.

“It’s right up her alley,” he said, when asked whether her decision to appear on the show came as a surprise. “She’s got a great personality for it. I was pumped that she was on it. I knew she would kill it, honestly.”

Berman continued, saying Olympios offers an “exaggerated representation” of her personality, noting she’s “very normal” but is “playing it up for TV.”

“They’re trying to portray her as some stupid girl, but she’s really not that dumb,” he continued, in what he probably thought was genuine praise. “She knows exactly what she’s doing."

Berman also touched on Olympios’s approach to wooing contestant Nick Viall, which appears to be strictly sexual in nature.

"She's a very good-looking girl, and she’s just aggressive," he told the publication. "She’s very aggressive, and when you’re that good-looking of a girl, and you’re aggressive, most guys aren’t going to turn — who’s going to turn a girl that looks like that down? She knows how to play up her sexiness. Nick is into it, and she knows."

Berman also alleges Olympios is essentially long-conning the show's producers in an attempt to get cast on a Bachelor spin-off series.

"She skipped the rose ceremony — no one’s ever done that," he said. "She's setting herself up. Bachelor is going to invite her back for God knows what spinoff, Paradise and this and that. She’s got followers growing by the second, so she’s clearly doing something right."

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