"Don't Touch (The Zoom Song)" singer-songwriter, actress and full-time YouTube star Ashley Tisdale, who recently set High School Musical fan hearts ablaze with a surprise first-ever duet/reunion with co-star Vanessa Hudgens, is doing the whole acoustic cover Music Sessions thing again: and this time, it's Britney, bitch.

"I grew up listening to Britney Spears. 'Toxic is one of my favorite songs," she explained before launching into a guitar-led rendition of the track, accompanied by her husband, Christopher French.

Like many Idol, X Factor and Voice contestants before her (and also Yael Naim), Princess Tizzy opted to give one of Brit Brit's most popular songs a serious-faced, earthy makeover. For what it lacks in laser beam back flips and motorbike getaways with Tyson Beckford, it makes up for in earnest spirit. Just look at those saucy glances at her husband: that is commitment.

Watch the breathy ode to the Living Legend™ up top. (Ashley's been posting new videos every Tuesday — it's called #TizzieTuesday, FYI.)

Now, here's hoping for a rendition of "Slumber Party (feat. Tinashe)" with Zac Efron next week.

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