Tonight kicks off another big season for Midland Community Theater’s ‘Summer Mummers’! This year's title is 'Desert of the Dead, or Mmmmmm.....your head looks tasty!'

Here's the plot for this year's melodrama:

Hide yo’ wife, hide yo’ kids and invest in a helmet…

Follow Rick Roll, our hero; and his trusted BFF, Bud Alishus, through the perilous streets of Midland. The city becomes infested by the undead when a recent transplant family fails to heed the warnings of native Midlanders and rehydrates with a glass of cool, refreshing, nauseating MIDLAND WATER! They quickly begin to morph into flesh-eating zombies. Meanwhile, Midland Billionaire Businessman Budd Lott, being respected and adored by all; donates large amounts of money to charities around town. Our jealous villain, Darock Yomama, and his sidekick, Flyboi, follow Budd around in an attempt to take Budd’s dough and daughter, Crystal.

Who will be the first to fall victim to the Zombie apocalypse? Will the fiend Darock get his hands on Budd’s money, or worst yet, his daughter? Or will Rick roll in and save the day?


Helpful hits when attending Summer Mummers:

  1. Don’t wear jewelry. Popcorn oil is conducive to popping corn, not for keeping rings on your fingers.
  2. Don’t wear spiked heals or platform shoes. (See #1)
  3. Do wear something comfortable.
  4. Bring cash because you will want to buy popcorn….much popcorn.
  5. You can now use tokens to buy anything from drinks to t-shirts!

Find more information and get your tickets to Summer Mummers (Here)!