Enigmatic pop artist Poppy has been a figure of mystery and intrigue ever since she began uploading bizarre, abstract videos onto YouTube in 2013 and 2014, drawing conspiracy theories and rumors regarding her real-life identity. However, a new lawsuit has threatened to expose the truth behind the vlogger-turned-singer (formerly known as That Poppy), as well as her creative director, Titanic Sinclair (née Corey Mixter).

Poppy and Sinclair have been accused of stealing the identity of fellow YouTube personality and artist Mars Argo, née Brittany Sheets, who filed a lawsuit against the two collaborators in April.

In papers obtained by TMZ, Argo, who dated and simultaneously collaborated with Titanic on music and videos similar to Poppy's for five years, alleges that following their 2014 breakup, Titanic brought her ideas and gimmick to Poppy (who was new to Los Angeles at the time), designing a copycat YouTube star based on Argo's signature image.

In the suit, the plaintiff claims that Poppy has mimicked the appearance, fashion style, personality and even "distinctive speaking voice" of the Mars Argo character:

From November 2014 to the present, through the Poppy project, Mr. Mixter and Ms. Pereira as Poppy, deliberately copied Mars Argo’s identity, likeness, expression of ideas, sound, style, and aesthetic in YouTube segments, music videos, live performances, internet videos, and other performances or shows.


She also claims that "Mr. Mixter attempted to drive Ms. Sheets out of the entertainment business – not only stealing her intellectual property but appropriating her entire persona."

Argo further alleges that Titanic was aggressive, abusive and increasingly controlling during the time they were a couple, and became violent—stalking Argo and even threatened suicide—when she broke up with him four years ago.

When Argo and Titanic were partners, they produced nearly 100 popular YouTube videos featuring Mars singing and performing, garnering a large following on the video platform between 2009 and 2015. One of Argo and Titanic's previous ongoing YouTube projects was called "Computer Show," which is similar to the name of Poppy's debut album, Poppy.Computer.

Argo is suing Titanic for copyright infringement and emotional distress, and is also seeking a restraining order for domestic violence. Poppy is being sued for undisclosed damages for being a "known accomplice" to the appropriation of Argo's likeness and content.

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