All the trailers and interviews and marketing so far for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom have made it seem like basically any other Jurassic Park movie: Some human beings go to an island, there are dinosaurs on the island, the dinosaurs try to eat the humans, and on and on and on until John Williams’ theme music plays while the survivors fly away in a helicopter.

But with the final trailer released today, and a bunch of new interviews out there, we learn that there is more to Fallen Kingdom than meets the eye. In Entertainment Weekly director J.A. Bayona revealed that the film has a “genre-shifting twist” at its midpoint: The island is destroyed and then the entire film moves to “an enormous American estate where the characters are trapped indoors with a rampaging new terror, the Indoraptor.”

Bayone described it as Jurassic Park meets Panic Room:

The first half, you have a whole dinosaur movie on the island, so you have what you expect from a Jurassic movie. Then the second half moves to a totally different environment that feels more suspenseful, darker, claustrophobic, and even has this kind of gothic element, which I love.

The new trailer does give you some of the flavor of these gothic scenes, which also involve Pratt’s raptor buddy Blue:

Well, that is certainly a different kind of Jurassic Park movie. Is it weird that the indoors part of the movie involves the “indoraptor”? That’s weird, right? Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens in theaters on June 22.

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