If this sounds vaguely familiar, it is a similar lawsuit that was filed against McDonalds in 1992 that made it necessary for hot coffee served from then on would have to have it stated directly on the cups that the coffee was hot [insert eye roll emoji].

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the new lawsuit was filed in Harris County District Court by Mary Simms who claimed that the barista at a Starbucks informed her that she had been given the wrong drink and when she was handing the cup back to the barista the lid came off and coffee spilled out causing first and second degree burns on her legs.

The lawsuit goes on to claim Starbucks created a "dangerous condition" with the temperature of the drink and the lid falling off and not informing her of the danger.

Simms is seeking $75,000 for damages and personal injury.

A Starbucks representative said in a statement that their drinks "are served at a temperature within industry standards, and our partners take great care to ensure the beverages are safely handed off to the customer."

Simms has a good chance of winning the lawsuit since a similar lawsuit against Starbucks was won by a woman in Florida in 2017 after her coffee cup's lid popped off and spilled in her lap also.

That lawsuit awarded that woman with $100,000.

This lawsuit filed against Starbucks is not new to the Houston area either, in 2016 a woman sued over the temperature of their coffee as well, and in 2005 Starbucks sued a Galveston bar for serving a beer called "Star Bock," that bar was ultimately allowed to sell the beer, but only in Galveston.

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