September 1 at midnight, several laws went into effect, one of them being the "Permitless Carry" Law which allows any Texan over 21 to openly carry a gun without training or a permit. But a local gun shop is saying you should get training before purchasing a gun.

According to NewsWest 9,Tony Grijalva, owner of Family Armory & Indoor Range, said that it is important to enroll in license to carry classes to get to know the laws currently in place for gun owners.

"The state has provided the instructors with the information necessary to educate the students," said Grijalva. "There is no guessing on the part of the students as to what the state wants them to know because it's in the class. That's opposed to someone reading a headline and making their mind up on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable."

Knowing how to read certain signs is important so you know where you are prohibited from carrying firearms.

"For example, if a business derives 51% or more of their income from alcohol, then you can't carry in that place," said Grijalva. "These are laws that are already on the books, but I believe that with the focus being on the constitutional carry, these laws will be looked over."

Grijalva says that information is a good thing when thinking of becoming a gun owner or to refresh your knowledge of the laws in place if you are already a gun owner.

"Yes constitutional carry is in the headlines, yes it's important and yes it's a law, but it doesn't overshadow existing laws," said Grijalva. "Existing laws have to be obeyed."

So get informed and trained before you think about purchasing a gun.

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