Not an intelligent thing to do, but a Texas woman was arrested for trying to sell a vehicle that she had rented.

Not only that she was trying to sell the almost brand-new car for half the car's worth.

The 2022 Toyota Camry was being offered at $10,000 when the car is worth at least $25,000.

The buyer got suspicious of the price and contacted the Humble Police Department to tell them he thought the car was stolen because the seller was offering the car at half its value.

The woman also let the buyer take a picture of her Texas driver's license and the title of the vehicle. Once the buyer sent them to the police, they discovered that the driver's license and title came up with nothing registered for either with the state.

Humble Police contacted the owner of the vehicle since the woman had put the correct VIN on the fake title and the owner stated that the car was not for sale and that it was a rental.

The police told the buyer to go ahead with the purchase of the car and more than likely out of a movie or TV series, put a mic on the guy to catch the woman.

Once they agreed on the 10k price, police swept in and arrested the woman and charged her with 3rd-degree felony auto theft and second-degree felony tampering for the fake title and the fake license that she used.

The rightful owner got the car back and the buyer avoided buying a stolen car and is commended for sensing something was wrong with the transaction.




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