For today, I thought I would write a fun, semi tongue in check, article about the various myths that non-Texans whole heartedly believe about our great state. For native Texans, like myself who grew up in Lindale, Texas, there is lots to love about our state and lots to laugh about when we see a completely wrong interpretation of our state when we turn on the TV or watch a movie. That's where this fun list comes into play, 11 Myths Not Texans Believe are True about Texas.

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Weird Headline That Makes Sense

So you may be looking at the headline and think that it sounds weird. Well, I'm referencing a meme that most of us have seen floating around on social media that reflects how native Texans look at a map of the United States.
Yes, Austin is Not Texas. - Every Texan Nowadays

That area that's labeled Not Texas is who this article will be reflecting (and yes, Austin is Not Texas.) For those that are not native Texans, there are some common misconceptions about our great state. Some of those misconceptions even native Texans will believe. Those misconceptions deal with the general landscape of Texas or in our fashion or even in how we talk.

Where these myths come from?

Most of those misconceptions come from either television or the movies. Those television shows and movies will be about the old west and for some reason people think we still live like that. I can tell you we do not ride on an old dusty road to get into town only to be surrounded by gun fights and bar brawls. To be honest, it's hard to say if the old west was really like that at all. Sure, there are some instances of town gun fights and brawls but I don't think it was an everyday thing.

But I digress.

Time to get to the meat of my article, here are 11 Myths Not Texans Believe are True about Texas with a couple of these being myths that even native Texans believe.

11 Myths Not Texans Believe are True about Texas

I decided to make a fun list of things that non-Texans believe are true about our home state of Texas. A couple of these, native Texans believe.

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