We are currently in Spring which means the weather is about to get super nice and plants, including weeds, are about to start growing, especially if you live in a rural area. I personally live outside the Lubbock city limits, in the county, and get very annoyed when it comes to people who get lazy about lawn care. Specifically when it comes to keeping their ditches clean and seem to think that letting them get overgrown is not their problem. Well, it is and you're making it everyone's problem.

Letting your ditches get overgrown can result in more critters wanting to hide in those tall weeds and grasses. Sometimes those small animals can be a small rattlesnake, skunks, and spiders, such as brown recluses and black widows. Along with hiding animals that scare the living daylights out of most people there is also the potential of water which is normally a good thing.

Letting those ditches get overgrown can result in mounds of built-up dead plants that raise the level of your ditches and don't absorb water as easily which can cause overflowing. Those overflowing waters obviously lead to flooding on dirt roads in those rural areas, along with being a breeding ground for mosquitoes to hide their eggs.

Those plants that get left behind eventually dry up and become hazards in the fall. That's because the more you let those plants or weeds grow in your ditches the more dry brush there is to start a fire. So next time you are mowing your lawn and don't think you need to take care of your ditch since you live outside the city limits think again, it could help out your whole community in the long run.

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