If you think you and your friends are obsessed with the internet, you are right.

According to NewsWest 9, AT&T ranked the most internet obsessed states, and Texas came in third behind Oregon and New Jersey.

The study ranked all 50 states according to their internet usage and Oregon came in first place because the study found that it has a growing millennial population which depends on social media and the internet to communicate with each other more than any other outlet, which increases the dependence on internet in Oregon.

The bottom three states were Alaska at number 50, followed by South Dakota and Idaho due to their mostly rural populations.

Here are the five factors AT&T used to rank each state:

  • Proprietary data on likeliness of heavy internet usage
  • Percent of distracted driving time
  • Growth in online spending per person
  • Internet searches for "phone addiction" and "internet addiction" over the past year
  • Percentage of the state's population that is currently over age 13 that had an Instagram account in 2016

To see the full study and complete rankings you can visit the AT&T website.




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