It’s been common knowledge for years; more and more people are moving to the great state of Texas. It’s beautiful here, there is a lot going on in Texas, and compared to lots of other places in the country it’s relatively inexpensive to live in Texas. But there are a few things that you need to learn or learn about when you move to Texas, but you’ll love all of them. 

Just a few things that you should know about immediately upon moving to Texas includes knowing about Buc-ee's. The gas station/ convenience store with clean bathrooms. Of course, knowing about Whataburger is a must, and Texans would take Whataburger over In-and-Out Burger any day of the week. Finally, you should probably find out what H-E-B is all about after moving to Texas. 

Expect to Hear This Song 

People in Texas have a ton of pride for living here, and everyone loves to sing along to the song “Deep in the Heart of Texas”. So, you might want to learn the words so you can join in on the singalong because you’re going to hear it played often. It’s all in good fun! 

Examples of What to do When You Hear the Texas anthem 

Texas is a wonderful place to call home it’s fun to see some many people showing their pride. You will find examples all over social media of what to do when the song comes on here are a few of the best ones:  

@ashmillstx All together now… #texas #texaslife #texaspride #bestiecommunity ♬ Know Yourself - Drake

@jlit28 It's like a impulse when that comes on lol. #Texas #deepintheheartoftexas #foryou #texan #foryoupage #fyp ♬ Deep in the Heart of Texas - The Melody Ranch Gang

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