Whether it’s the idea of just living a simpler life, or just not dealing with the annoyances of going into work each day and deal with the hassle, just about everyone who lives in Texas has thought about how great it would be to ‘live off the grid’. But to most of us, it's a dream that will probably never happen because having that paycheck come in is a gigantic help in paying those monthly bills. But if you really want to live off the grid, Texas is supposed to be the 2nd best state in the country to make that happen.  

What does it mean to live off the grid? That is a great question, because it seems like everyone has their own description of what that looks like. But according to Lawn Starter who created the list of best states to live off the grid there were some key metrics involved in this list. The key factors included cost of farmland, legality to self-generated utilities and availability of renewable energy.  

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Living Off the Grid Sounds Good, But You Better Be Prepared to Work 

When discussing the key factors that made up this list, the idea of making self-generated utilities sounds like more work than most of us want to put in. Plus, the availability of renewable energy, solar panels sound great, but remember you also have to do maintenance and keep your equipment running correctly. 

What State Ranked Better Than Texas? 

According to the metrics the only state in the country that would be better for living off the grid would be the state of Iowa. If you want to see all of the metrics and full list click here. 

The idea of living off the grid sounds great, but many of those creature comforts we all enjoy would be difficult to give up.  

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