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Lubbock Police were called out to the 6100 block of 19th Street on Sunday at 1:30 a.m. after a Lubbock man robbed a gas station. According to reports from the Lubbock Police, the suspect wanted to get beer but because it was late and after midnight, the store employee told the suspect he could not open the beer fridge.

That's when the confrontation became more intense. The victim at the gas station went to the back of the station while the suspect grabbed two bottles of Rancho Glorita that were both sitting on the shelves according to KAMC.

The victim told the officer that the suspect asked him to “open the cooler so he could buy beer”, said the report. Since it was past midnight on a Sunday, the employee was “not authorized to sell after [that] time.”

According to the report, when the victim went to the backroom of the store, the suspect “grabbed two bottles of Rancho Glorita… on the shelves in the store.”

The victim confronted the suspect at the counter and took the two glass bottles out of the suspect’s hands, said the report.

As of Tuesday, no suspects had not been named or identified.

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