If you hate setting your clocks twice a year, well you have a friend in the state senate.

According to the Houston Chronicle, State Senator Jose Menendez, D-San Antonio, filed a bill back in December to end the practice of Daylight Saving Time.

The legislative session began in January and if the bill goes thru it will go into effect on November 5, 2017, meaning this will be the last year of Daylight Saving Time in Texas.

As it stands now, only Arizona and Hawaii do not observe Daylight Saving Time and if Senator Menendez has his way, Texas will be the next on that list.

Being a fan of Daylight Saving Time, I am not looking forward to it being broad daylight at 5:00am during the summer, as well as it being dark by 8:00pm.

But I know there are plenty who claim their schedules are thrown off for weeks after each time change, which I believe is all in their head. I have always adjusted to DST within a couple of days since it is not like it is a 6 hour change.

So for those that are opposed to Daylight Saving Time, I don't want to hear any complaints when you are woke up by the sun at 5:00am in the summer of 2018 because you hated time change.

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